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Notice for phone order customers: Office will be closed between 09/12/2016 and 10/6/16 due to travel to Japan.  Order line will not be answered in this time period.  General Questions, please call at 309-794-1474.  If you have an access to Internet or smart phone, please order online.  Sorry for the inconvenience. 



The source of certified organic Matcha green tea directly from Japanese Individual farmers, Haraki Families...

If you are looking for:
    Freshly harvested teas
    Clean & pristine source
    Single farm (not mix with other regions or countries teas)
    Family operated
    Fairer than fair trade products
    Simply organic (of course, certified organic...well it is more like "beyond certified organic")
    Maximum antioxidants and EGCG from the teas
    Alkalizing agents

All our products are gluten free and Non-GMO.
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Haraki-Gordon Green Tea, Inc.   hggreentea.com

Your source of certified organic Matcha Powder Green Tea directly from the individual farmers.

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