About Us


Please meet the Haraki Families!  
Haraki families and farmers in region in Shizuoka, Japan have been growing green tea for the last 700 years.  The state of Shizuoka is located in between Tokyo and Osaka, an area dominated by Mt. Fuji.  Shizuoka is famous for green tea production, and because of its climate and location, it has been designated a green tea farm state by the emperor of Japan.

Green tea leaves are susceptible to the environment.  Therefore, the better the environment it is grown, the healthier the tea is for people to consume.  Haraki-Gordon Green Tea farms are located in an extensive high mountain area where almost no automotive travel is possible.  The region has clean air and crystal clear water runs through it.

Tony Gordon: Founder, Owner, CEO of Haraki-Gordon Green Tea, Inc.      


Because of my great passion and seeking spirit to stay healthy and young, also better athletic performance on my bicycle, I had studied extensively on nutrition and green tea health benefits.  My greatest luck was one Japanese girl I married to (my wife) was a tea farmer/tea farmer family!  Of course, Haraki Family was so conservative and traditional, therefore, it took my wife and I a great effort to convince her parents to send even a sample of green tea at first.

The end result of a great effort and convincing to the Haraki Family, we started R&D in 2001-2004 and established Haraki-Gordon Green Tea as a corporation in 2006.  Since then, we are expanding slowly but sure in the US and worldwide.  Thanks to my wife for believing in me and assisting me every steps of the way of building this business.  And 2013, Haraki-Gordon Green Tea, Inc. won the first place in Sencha Class in North American Tea Championship.

Izumi Haraki-Gordon: Owner's wife

When we initially approached my family about marketing green tea in the US, they told us, "DO NOT WORRY ABOUT GREEN TEA.  AMERICAN PEOPLE DRINK COFFEE!"  Well, it is 2014 and more and more American people are drinking green tea and seeking health benefits from it.  13 years ago, when my husband started saying, "I want to market your family's tea in the US!"  I thought he must be out his mind, but now I look back, I am glad that I never give up and give in to my family and consistently supported my husband no matter what.
I am here to support my husband and it is a rewarding business when we hear successful stories of customers such as weight loss, cancer surviving experiences, and more.